Personal Development Coaching
Reduce stress & anxiety
Solution Focussed Therapy
Transformational Training
Build Your Confidence

Bespoke Therapeutic Coaching

“This is not just coaching, this is awakening you to your life, your wishes, hopes and dreams” –

This is for you if you:

  • are stuck, don’t know what you want but the status quo is not enough.
  • have been trying to make changes but get pulled back into self-doubt or old patterns of behaviours.
  • are ambitious, succeeding and want more success.
  • are seeking clarity, focus and direction

We provide a safe haven to develop a new quality of thinking. With us you will be truly heard, supported and encouraged. This will unlock your power to influence your life, work and relationships.

The basis of our Empowered Motivated Happy programme is personal transformation where you learn to be your best self. We will awaken you to your strengths and talents and teach you how to let go of limiting beliefs, attitudes and unconscious barriers. This will free you to be fully present and connected in your life.


Personal empowerment: rediscover your self worth, self knowledge and self acceptance. Develop your strengths and confidence.  Recover from stress, anxiety and depression and learn resilience.


Personal motivation learn to harness your inspiration and motivation (and how to get it back if you lose it). Harness your energy and vitality with purpose and determination.


Personal happiness understand that all emotions are useful and learn how to work with them – good and bad – to work towards your happiness. The temporarily relief we get from suppressing negative feelings is harmful so learn how to use them positively.

We offer compassionate, unconditional, and positive support to give you a safe place to explore the changes you need to make in your life. Some clients feel nervous taking the first steps towards support but every single one is glad they did.

“self worth is measured by you and only you” –