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Why us? because it is about you!

Our success is in understanding the nature of the mind and how it can be harnessed to create change. We free our clients to create new possibilities, futures and to use this knowledge to remove blocks and barriers.

We draw on elements of: Classic Coaching, Psychological Coaching, Applied Neuroscience, NLP, Psychodynamic Change, Emotions and Emotional Wisdom, M-Braining, using the wisdom of the brain, gut and heart and Brief Intervention Coaching and Depth Breakthrough Coaching.

Our blended approach to coaching goes beyond the relentless simply goal setting. It is solution focused and involves harnessing your attitude and mindset to become empowered, motivated and happy in your life and work. We utilise your thoughts, feelings, beliefs, successes and failures to complete the picture of what change looks like and feels like for you.

I recommend training with Eilidh to anyone, her ethical position, values, and beliefs are in tune with my on., For those who know me they know that I would only recommend by experience and knowing that training with Eilidh felt right from our very first communication. It was the beginning of a life changing experience

April Dickens, If U care Share

This course will definitely change how you think and live your life. Everybody can be enriched and empowered with NLP

Lindsay Cowan, Cowan Community Publications

What I have learnt has taken my business to a new level. This course exceeded my expectations

Ross Macdonald, Macdonald Salmon Flys, Aberdeen

I highly recommend this course. It has been a great investment of my time and energy. It will impact on every aspect of my life

Catriona Davies, NHS

Four days? It seemed like a big commitment but they have flown by and have energised me tremendously – probably more than any “normal” weekend would have! Thanks!

Judy Corbett

Eilidh has helped me work out my own “tool kit” to know how to deal with relationships and situations in a way that means I don’t just keep doing the “same old” but actually ensure that I deal with them in a way that I do not feel low/worried or frustrated but more that I have dealt with it in a way that was more my choice and in control, which is just so liberating.

Susan Younger

Very helpful tools, useful tools that will be lifelong. Eilidh has a natural & confident style – let her guide you, she knows her stuff!

Andonella Thomson, Business Coach

You will learn so much about yourself that you can have a real new shot at life

Kristen Loeer, Movement Therapist

Eilidh was very engaging and powerful in delivering NLP training. She had my full attention for four days and I’ve signed up for the Practitioner level. Excellent – Brilliant – Exhilarating

Flora Couper, Coach, Consultant and Trainer

Fab-u-lous! Brilliant 4 days, left me wanting more and Eilidh is great a creating a good/brilliant learning state. Give me more!”

Alison Cassidy, AHC Learning, Trainer and Consultant, Fife

What I will do differently from having attended this course, is be more aware of my non-verbal communication and use the resources I have learnt to reflect more fully on situations. This is a brilliant course that has given me new skills for business

CJH, CEO, Legal Firm, Edinburgh

Spend a day relaxing, your mind and reconnect with yourself